Rafael De Anda

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If you've met me, then you know that I''m a very transparent person. I don't keep many secrets and I don't tell many lies because life is too short to keep track of either.

Brief Biography:

I was raised in El Monte, CA, son of Rafael Sr. and Sandra. I have two older brothers (Eric and Miguel) and a younger sister (Sandra). From an early age, I was mostly honest, very obedient, organized, and friendly. I played baseball for roughly 13 years, played the piano for 1 or 2, swimming classes various summers, and excelled in math.

I attended Arroyo High School, followed by UC Riverside where I earned my bachelor's degree, then CSU Long Beach for some graduate school, and finally earned my master's degree at CSU Los Angeles. My studies were facilitated by my passion to learn economics, which fortunately, is a permissible discipline.

I am now employed in research and consulting for Los Angeles based firm Beacon Economics, which in my most biased opinion, tops the list of economic research and consulting firms in the West Coast. I currently live in Norwalk, CA with my wife Sandra (Yes, there are 3 Sandra's in my life). We enjoy running, cycling, movies, food, and books, and we place a high value on time spent with family and friends.

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